The Center for Ocean Solutions Team

The skills, knowledge and expertise availible at the Center for Ocean Solutions spans marine and social sciences as well as law, representing the Center's interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our team combines innovation and solid research to solving the intermediate and long-range challenges facing ocean health.
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Larry Crowder

science director

Larry is professor of biology at Hopkins Marine Station and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.

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Ashley Erickson

assistant director for law & policy

Ashley specializes in coastal and ocean law and policy with a focus on ecosystem-based management, cumulative impacts, and fisheries policy.

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Eric Hartge

research development manager

Eric specializes in organizational management and project portfolio development. He helps decision-makers plan for a changing ecosystem by advising them on coastal adaptation strategies based in the preservation of natural features.

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Kristi Boosman

communications manager

Kristi has a strong background in partnership development, strategic communications and media relations.  Her specialty includes translating complex research in a manner that informs and inspires.

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Laura Good

education manager

Laura coordinates the collaborative and inter-institutional professional development activities in ocean leadership for graduate students across seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses.

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Lucie Hazen

research analyst

Lucie works closely with Science Director Larry Crowder to build the Center's science vision.

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