Staci Lewis

Former Stanford MARINE Student Liaison

Specialties: Ocean Education

Stanford Liaison From

Staci is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. student characterizing impacts of land-use on coral reef systems in two watersheds systems in the Republic of Palau. She also works with Palauan partners to assess governance mechanisms for effective watershed management solutions. Prior to Stanford, Staci worked for seven years as a ocean policy advisor in various capacities in Washington, D.C.  She has a Masters in environmental science and policy from George Mason University. Prior to her time in the D.C. area, Staci was a Fulbright Fellow in Barbados where she researched the impacts of coral degradation on the feeding behavior of the coral-eating polychaete Hermodice carunculata. Barbados was Staci's first brush with the ocean policy arena where she worked with national marine reserve officials to bolster educational awareness campaigns. She hopes to leave Stanford with enhanced experiences in applying science to mitigate local stressors to coral reef systems.