Sarah Reiter

Former Early Career Law and Policy Fellow

Specialties: Climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Cumulative Impacts, Ecosystem Health, Environmental Law and Policy, Land-Sea Interactions, Ocean Conservation, Polar Research

Sarah Reiter was an early career law and policy fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions from August 2013-May 2015. She recently trasitioned to a job as the Ocean Policy Research Analyst in the Conservation and Science department at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Reiter works at the intersection of science, law, and policy to inspire conservation of the oceans.

She discovered her passion for environmental issues through an NOLS sea-kayaking expedition in Alaska soon after being commissioned as an Air Force officer. She spent her military service leading an operational floor of scientists responsible for providing weather support to military bases west of the Mississippi. Reiter’s leadership in the military’s oceanographic and meteorological programs, graduate work on ecosystem services, and legal experience in the nation’s capital provide the breadth and depth necessary for her life’s passion: informing conservative initiatives to foster humanity’s ocean and coastal experiences. Reiter recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University’s Center for Ocean Solutions and holds a faculty position at Vermont Law School. Her peer-reviewed research is published in Polar Geography and Stanford Environmental Law Journal and has been presented at various conferences, including the International Marine Conservation Congress and the Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite.

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