Meredith McPherson

UC Santa Cruz MARINE Student Liaison

Specialties: Ocean Education

UCSC Liaison Since

Meredith began as a PhD student in the Kudela lab at UCSC in the fall of 2015.  She completed her BS and MS research under Richard Zimmerman at Old Dominion University studying in situ optical properties of coastal waters as an undergrad student, and developed a mechanistic model to predict the impact of environmental conditions on carbon uptake and isotope discrimination in Eelgrass (Zostera marina) as a graduate student.  While in the Kudela lab, Meredith plans to build on her previous experiences by broadly focusing on remote sensing as a tool for understand the biogeochemistry of coastal eelgrass and kelp systems.  Prior to starting her PhD at UCSC, Meredith worked for 2 years at California Maritime Academy as the Science Coordinator for Golden Bear Facility, a ballast water management system testing facility to the USCG and IMO.