Liz Hambleton

Former Early Career Communications Fellow

Specialties: Science Communication

Liz joined the Center as the first early career fellow in science communication in August 2013.  She worked closely with the science communication program lead and communications team.  Liz is passionate about communicating effectively with other researchers, managers and policy makers in an interdisciplinary approach to marine science and conservation.

Liz completed her Ph.D. at Stanford University in 2013.  Her research focused on the cellular and molecular biology of the ecological relationship between coral and its algal symbionts.  She earned her B.A. in biology at Williams College in Massachusetts and worked as a laboratory technician at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.  Liz’s research has been global, with projects based in the United States, Australia, the Caribbean, the western Pacific and Germany.  Liz left the Center in 2014 for a full time research position in Germany.

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