Elodie Le Cornu

Former Research Analyst

Specialties: Coastal and Nearshore Environment, Land-Sea Interactions

Elodie is a research analyst here at the Center for Ocean Solutions where she studies coupled human-natural systems as a way to inform policies and solve issues facing the oceans and coastal communities. When she first joined the Center for Ocean Solutions team as an intern in 2012, she collaborated with a group of international scholars to explore the use of social data in ocean and coastal management and ways to better integrate the human dimensions into planning and decision-making. Since 2013, when Elodie was hired as a research analyst, she has been working with various stakeholders both locally in California and internationally, to incorporate lessons learned, best practices and innovative ideas to improve sustainability in small-scale fisheries.

Elodie is a French native. She completed her college career at the University of Paul Valery-Montpellier III in France where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in three languages, English, Spanish and Chinese, applied to law, policy and economics. She went on to complete her Masters of Arts in Ocean and Coastal Management, completing a well-rounded education fully preparing her for an interdisciplinary career solving issues in the marine environment.

Elodie has immersed herself in a challenging field, determined to bridge two distinct but overlapping dimensions to improve the resilience of coastal communities and the health of the world’s oceans. In her spare time, Elodie enjoys doing multiple types of art, including painting, and connecting that artwork to the work she does in the marine realm. She also thoroughly loves traveling and the outdoors.

Contact Information:
Email: elecornu@stanford.edu

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