Pacific Ocean Library

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The Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) Pacific Ocean Library is a unique resource housing scientific articles, reports, government publications and gray literature on the Pacific Ocean’s greatest threats, environmental and socioeconomic impacts, and potential solutions for the region. Designed for managers and researchers worldwide, regardless of affiliation, the library provides timely research and foundational readings on all aspects of these topics.

The Pacific Ocean Library emerged from an extensive literature review prepared for a group of scientists developing a Pacific Ocean Scientific Consensus Statement   which prioritizes key threats to the health of the Pacific Ocean, highlights the impacts of these threats and outlines a road map for action. This statement—signed by 380 scientists around the world—is in turn part of a larger Pacific Ocean Initiative to sustainably manage this vast and complex region.

Features of the Pacific Ocean Library include:

Search criteria by threats, impacts, and solutions

  • Foundational readings by Pacific Ocean region
  • Citations from peer-reviewed journals, books, reports and conference proceedings
  • Article abstracts
  • Links to help you find online sources of complete works (e.g. article PDFs)
  • Ability to export citations in a number of popular formats
  • Citations added and database improved on an ongoing basis

We are currently seeking permissions to post full-text articles and will continue to upgrade the library's content. Please email us at with any questions or suggestions you have for improving the database.