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Crowder and Finkbeiner new Q&A in Stanford News
Jim Leape on World Economic Forum Blog
Summer 2017 Newsletter
Center for Ocean Solutions hosts 2-week intensive Ocean Policy Course
Stanford COS collegues Larry Crowder and Elena Finkbeiner explain why innovative and interdisciplinary management solutions and policy frameworks across local, national and transboundary scales are essential for the success of Pacific Island communities under climate change conditions in new Stanford News Q&A.
Co-director Jim Leape explains how technology can help transform and save the ocean on the World Economic Forum's blog Agenda.
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Twenty-four bright and enthusiastic students from across the country descended upon Monterey in July for the fourth iteration of the MARINE (Monterey Area Research Institutions’ Network for Education) Ocean Policy Course.

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The Center organizes its work along Focal Areas of study: Climate Change, Ecosystem Health and Land-Sea Interactions.

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We strive to enhance leadership skills in existing ocean leaders and the next generation of blue planet pioneers.

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