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The Center organizes its work along Focal Areas of study: Climate Change, Ecosystem Health and Land-Sea Interactions.

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As an epicenter of thought between science and policy, the Center aims to empower informed decision-making.

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We strive to enhance leadership skills in existing ocean leaders and the next generation of blue planet pioneers.

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Bright spots among the world's coral reefs
How fashion can fuel ecosystem collapse
Dr. Barb Block receives prestigious Benchley Ocean Award—the Academy Award of the ocean
Lack of research on linkages between cumulative human impacts and ecosystem services hinders ecosystem-based management
In one of the largest global studies of its kind, researchers conducted more than 6,000 reef surveys in 46 countries across the globe and discovered 15 ‘bright spots’ – places where, against all the odds, there were a lot more fish on coral reefs than expected.
In a new paper published today in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, scientists argue that environmental managers need to broaden their focus from routine ecological monitoring to include social and economic factors if we are to protect ecosystems before it is too late.
Dr. Barbara Block, marine biologist and Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Professor in Marine Sciences at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, received this year’s Benchley Award for Excellence in Science.
Megan Mach, COS early career fellow, and Rebecca Martone, COS assistant director of science and research, examine the challenges of quantifying the impacts of human activities on ecosystem services in their latest publication. Photo: Mosquito Lagoon Sea Grass, 2007, John Emerson. CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0.

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